Form and communication

Final Book Jacket Project. 

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy.

My verb was realize and my noun is “Mistake”. I chose to work with shadows because it I found it a very

Interesting to explore.

I also felt like the shadows gave the word “mistake” a very strong effect and it looked more deep than the other

ways I tried.

I had to play around with many different lights and flashes to create the final outcome.

After finally choosing the photos that satisfied me and worked best, I used Lightroom to edit and then moved it to photoshop

to cut the pictures and putting them together to create the final background of the cover.

I choose to work with black white and a hint of yellow because I liked how these three colors looked together and

It really helped with the effect I wanted to make.

The repetition of the word mistake also really worked to create an interesting deep effect that I wanted.

I really loved working on this project because I explored so many new ways of creating type that I didn’t think of. I also loved creating

My own type because It felt more real and interesting.

However, it was very difficult for me to put the information and the type on the book jacket. I had to change everything every time

Because of only one thing.

My main struggle was choosing the right type and size.




Form and communication. Final.

PROJECT ONE. Process :

For this project, the topic I chose was “Female Domestic Workers” because its and issue that ive always wanted to do something about. I wanted the people in the GCC with housemaids know how they feel.

My first idea was to make a short movie about the life of a maid in Qatar. I tried shooting that but I didn’t like the outcome at all, it was obvious that it was just an act and it was more humorous than emotional.

Then I came up with my second idea which was making photographs about a maid’s daily missions and how dangerous, life threatening and disgusting it could be.

When I showed my peers the pictures not everyone understood what it was, most of them said that it was confusing and the pictures were not very clear.


I feel like this project was one of the most difficult projects Ive ever had to do, probably because I chose a topic that is very hard to put into a video or pictures and make the people think about it and get emotional. I also think it was because I had high expectations of what I wanted my outcome to look like so every time I did something I was not convinced and wanted to change my idea.


So I changed my idea once more, and I decided to interview female domestic workers and let them say their “stories”.

I wanted to make a 5 minute video so there was enough time for all of the videos I shooted but since I wanted it to be a video that will be going around the internet, Basma told me that its very hard to keep someone watch something for more than a minute.

So what I did was I cut the important points I wanted people to know and put them together in a short ad with only a few type.

I didn’t want to put so much type so that the main focus will be on the maid talking.

After I have shown it to my friends and some random people they all agreed on the fact that I was able to make the video emotional.


My aim for this project was to make people like me, living in Qatar and having everything I needed to live a normal life to understand how it feels to be in our maid’s situation, leaving their family and their life back home to work but still not get all of their rights. Almost everyone in this region think that they have “bought” their maids and that they have no right to live their lives, they think that they are only supposed to do what they ask and live their life serving them.

The video talks about the 3 most sensitive subjects the female domestic workers go through when they come to work here in the GCC.



Final A1 Poster.

This is my final A1 poster after the final critique.

The mistakes I needed to fix:

  • Make a white box for the logo.
  • align the sentence
  • change the position of the word “dropped” to align it with the other sentences
  • give the sentence a breathing space
  • adjust the paragraph placement (just a little to be accurate)
  • fix the leading of the paragraph (it was 17/17 so I changed it)
  • I re-sized the sentence and the paragraph


Design methods and processes

Final Reflection

Group work:

Throughout this project the main thing I learned was patience and how to work with a group efficiently.

After deciding on our idea, sketching it on paper and talked to Law and Fatima we starting buying the main things we needed. We may have been a little slow at the beginning but we were able to make everything we have decided on.

At first we divided the work in which we every one of us had to buy or borrow something to begin with and then start working with it.

After we got the things we needed and started working we realized that this was not the right way because were able to finish some things but most of it needed two people or more to get it done for example the cutting of the cloth to make the curtain and painting the L walls and etc. However the other tasks we were able to make individually like when I made the clouds and when hissa unsharpened the darts.

The difficulties we faced as a group was explaining our ideas to each other. Like it was very hard for me to explain exactly what I had in my mind to a group of people. But because my group members are understanding, after our fights we always figured a way to fix things.

I was really worried that we will not be able to divide the work equally and fairly and that some of us will end up working more than others. Our group members did work differently, like some of us worked for longer hours than others but it didn’t cause a huge problem because thats what happens in all group projects.

 Individual contribution: 

In this project I have adapted so many skills that I think I will need in the next few years in vcuq. I also acknowledged my strengths and weaknesses.

My main problem that I was facing this whole time was craft but I was able to get over it with practice.

I was responsible about searching for a place that sells huge red balloons that looked exactly like the one in the movie and I found it. It was difficult for us to negotiate with them about the price but because I knew the owner I told her that we were students and this was a project that had a budget.

Another problem I faced was making the clouds. At first I made a cloud mobile that could be hanged in the middle and after I was done the lady from the social affairs told me that its not allowed and that I had to take it off asap. I was really annoyed but i thankfully I had time to make more.

I experimented with huge sizes of cloth and we had to measure and cut it which was one of the difficult things.

Also, we had a problem with how we wanted to place the fans and the projectors (we didnt want them to show) but because of the vcu rules we were not able to hang anything on top so we ended up putting a table with everything we needed.

We also tried to spray paint the fans but one of them stopped working so it didn’t workout. So we only painted the front part of the fan that really shows.

Overall, the project was very exciting although it took us so much time to get it done, a lot of sleepless nights and fights.


Design methods & processes


-Reason behind our idea: After watching the movie The Red Balloon. We deconstructed it and decided that we want our audience (the class) to experience Reality vs Heaven.

We took a part of the movie where the boys start hitting the balloon to try to pop it and used it for our Reality part.

So the first section is where we are going to make the class try to pop the balloons using darts & the next part is we’re going to let them go inside the heaven. The dream part is basically a white rectangular space that is covered by curtains with clouds all around it to make it look like a sky (We have projectors and 3D clouds on the walls) We’re also going to let colorful balloons on the top to make them experience flying like the last part of the movie.

So in the first section, we are going to let them expierence the bad side (Poping the balloon). Because in reality, a balloon (or even humen) will never be let alone. In some way they will be popped even if it wasnt from the first time. And that was one thing I noticed in the movie, the balloon was annoying everyone except for the little boy & that was why it was always beside him.

So the next part is the Heaven. And we decided to make it a dream because it is the part where the class will expirence being good. They will be able to experience being good by feeling like they are flying in the sky.



Design methods and processes


here is the 1st list we made of what every one of us is getting.

We were able to get 3 projectors that hessa saoud borrowed from her friend.

I got a blanket instead of pillows & used the cotton I bought for the clouds.

Problems we faced:

-We couldnt afford buying new white fans and the fans hessa almana got are black so we tried to spray paint one of them and it didnt work out well with it. So we decided to use the other one and keep it black.

-Another problem was the speakers. The speakers I have did not work, but we found an alternative solution, the sound is not very high but its still good.

-The clouds I made were supposed to be hanged like a mobile but it was very difficult because the space we had is very small. So I made 3D clouds that could be stuck on the wall.

-We wanted the fans & projectors to be on top so we made shelves then we eventually had to take them off because It was too high the fans wouldnt be useful and we will not be able to feel the air (especially that most of our classmates are really short)

We are also not allowed to make a shelve in the middle of the wall & also we are not allowed to hang anything on top.

So we had to bring a stand and put everything on it. Its really effecting the way we wanted to present out work but we thought of a way that will solve the problem.

-Also because our space is small we’re going to let only a few people at a time.

Pictures of our space (almost done):

Type. Final Phase.

Post 2.


So, to fix the problems I had with my first sketches which were mainly about the placements of things, I needed to look carefully at my poster and see the places that I could work on that are not just the sides.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-28 at 12.10.18 AM(1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2017-11-28 at 12.10.18 AM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2017-11-28 at 12.10.19 AM.jpeg

This had made it so much more easier for me.

These are the improved posters:

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.46.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.45.25 AM.png

I was going to make the type in my poster all centered but It didnt look as good as I imagined it so I decided to let my paragraph (on the top) be in the center, and the sentence on the corner.

Paragraph: The reason I decided to make the paragraph be broken up this way is because its a poem so I wanted it to still look like a poem even in the poster, I also feel like it works this way because of the place its placed on.

Sentence: Because the sentence didnt make sense I also wanted it to be broken up in a way that didnt make sense but still beautiful to look at.

Logo: I changed its placement from under the “b” to under the “r”. I also made it smaller.




Type. Final Phase.

Final Phase. Poster.

Post 1, 1st sketches:

For the final phase of this project we were asked to combine everything we have learned this semester in a poster. We have to put our letters (logo), our word, the sentences and the paragraph.

So the word is the hook because it is the biggest thing in the poster, then comes the sentence, then the paragraph and the last thing is the logo.

I preferred to do my sketches digitally because when I tried to sketch on my notebook it looked so different than how I imagined it to look like, although it is faster to sketch it with my hands I was still not sure if I could depend on them.

So here are my 3 digital sketches.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.49.34 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.46.33 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.42.41 AM.png

  1. Logo: What I have done is that I put the logo on the corner in all of my posters because thats how I thought logos are supposed to look like and placed. I obviously have problem with the logo because I haven’t done the clipping path properly. I also feel like I need to make it smaller because its taking so much space and its also kind of taking the attention from the sentence and the paragraph.

2. Sentence: I changed the color of the sentence, I tried both black and white because when I put the black I felt like the sentence didn’t stand out. The white looks better and stands out more. This is very important because I want the sentence to be the 1st thing the audience notice after the word.

I have a problem with the way I broke down the sentence, I feel like it looks very messy and all over the place. Although it was on purpose at first but now I changed my mind about it, for the next sketch I am going to break it down but make it look neater and in place.

3. The Paragraph: When I made these sketches I was very happy with the way I did my paragraph, I didnt want to break the paragraph into sentences because it wouldn’t be seen as a paragraph anymore so whats the point? I also liked the way I placed them although I REALLY dont anymore. I feel like after I talked to mahmoud and law I realized my mistake. I need to change the placement of the paragraph and put in in a more interesting place. Corners are very boring.



Phase 3, Paragraphs

Final Paragraph.

There were other mistakes that I have also just found out, for example my leading.

I knew that my leading was too big it could fit a bus like Mahmoud always says but I didn’t know that it was this big of a deal. I used to like it and didn’t found it distracting or annoying.

But after I have seen the difference between a normal leading and a huge space leading I think I realized why.

this is an example of how my paragraphs looked before:

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.13.29 AM.png

Also, my problem with the arabic punctuation was still there even after I installed the latest indesign and even after changing the language from the character panel. but I found a way to fix it. So after the full stops I added a letter and then changed the color to white so it wouldn’t show.

Here are my final A3 and A4 horizontal and vertical.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.14.38 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.15.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.15.08 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.15.17 AM.png


The 2nd paragraph might look a bit odd for people who dont read arabic but I feel like it really works well with the paragraph because its a poem and it gives it a poetic feel. The reason I made the size of the first sentence bigger and bold is because its the most important part of the paragraph and when its translated in english it says “Didn’t I tell you?” So its a question that the poet asks to make the readers think (or his lover)

I tried different ways like for example this way to make it sound poetic when you read it, it actually worked but when I showed it in class no one really liked it so I didn’t use it: Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.28.19 AM.png

and I think the leading here plays a huge part in making you read it the “right way”.


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